Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Persatuan Sukan Paintball Langkawi activities

Here are some of the pics on our activities in langkawi. For professional players and experts, your advice and guides are most welcome...

The Langkawi Paintball Team
hiding behind the trees

before a great game

some of the player in Langkawi Paintball Team

Tourist trying our target shooting during the Water fest in Langkawi

Paintball is not only for guys, it also for ladies

target shooting during co-curricular day

Warzone mini game

warzone mini game

we also have mini bike


  1. I figure that you guys are new to paintball? Before offering any services relating to the sport to others please learn, implement and practice the correct safety measures and procedures. From what I see from your pictures none are followed. This gives a negative impression to the players and those in the industry.

    Get in touch with those in the know from the link below...!/group.php?gid=120143848019238

  2. I agree, this is unsafe, whether its for only shooting the gun in the range u should always put face mask on, there is a reason why these rules have been made, its because they have been tried and tested to ensure safety. Follow the rules, Encourage face mask on when handling with the markers (guns) as well as putting up nets(which have a Way smaller hole sizes then paintballs) to ensure safety of bystanders as well as neighbours when a game is going on. so please, follow these rules, research before you continue any further progress with the field. Because if there is just ONE accident, and i do mean ONE accident, it can cause paintball to get banned by the government as well as giving it a bad image, so please, RESEARCH RESEARCH AND RESEARCH SOME MORE ABOUT THE RULES.
    fellow experienced paintballer
    Muhammad Kautsar Rahman
    (Tanamera paintball park, Canyon paintball park) PS. Search Tanamera up to fully understand what a field SHOULD look like.

  3. thank you for the comments. i will definitely take these advises seriously.we're still new in this arena.hope to get more advices from senior paintballers